Texas Economy Booms While California Wheezes Along

When it comes to economic growth and prospects for the future, Texas is far ahead of California, according to CNS News. Its story, analyzing data just released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, found in the first quarter of this year the gross domestic product in Texas expanded at a rate almost forty times greater than that of California.Surfing on a “boom in the mining sector and by a large increase in manufacturing” GDP in the Lone Star state grew at a rate of almost 4 percent, while the California economy wheezed along with growth of a tenth of one percent.The numbers for California would have been even worse except the BEA uses a strange weighting system that includes the growth of “social assistance” and “government,” neither of which produce anything on their own, but rather take money from productive areas of the economy and redistribute it.

Source: Texas Economy Booms While California Wheezes Along